Welcome to Columbus Telangana Association (కొలంబస్ తెలంగాణ అసోసియేషన్)

Member Benefits

Why become a member?

When you become a member, you are part of a prestigious local Telangana organization that is razer focused at promoting and preserving our Telangana culture by infusing our culture with western lifestyle.

We take our charity and service-oriented activities personal. It’s not just about writing a check and calling it a day – we do it with passion and commitment to mak a difference.

Your membership will drive CTA (a non-profit organization) to organize more cultural events and celebrate our Telangana festivals by bringing our community together. Your CTA membership is a value-based membership as it pays for itself – below discounts from CTA and our sponsors will take care of the $50 membership fee:

Members get discounted tickets to CTA Signature and many other events

  • Members only workshops ( tennis , Badminton )

  • Members only education seminars

  • Eligible members will receive PVSA ( President Volunteer service award ) hours

Discounts on Dental

  • Members are eligible to get free dental exam from our sponsors dental clinic at Graceland Dental

  • Members get 20% discount for Teeth Whitening at Vadhi Ohio Family Dental

Discounts on Children Tuition

  • Members get discounts from Best Brains (offers sent through emails and WhatsApp groups)

Realtor & Home Maintenance

  • Save on realtor commission when you Sell or Buy.


The member discounts at these restaurants are valid for Dine-ins but may not be applicable for Buffet and Party orders.

  • Members get 10% off on dine-in and Carry-Out at Spice 9 Restaurant

  • Members get 5% off on dine-in and Carry-Out at Dawat Restaurant in Lewis Center

  • Members get 10% off at Rollz Rice for the first time

Discounts at Grocery Stores

  • Members get 5% discount on an entire transaction at Patel Brothers

  • Members get 5% discount on an entire transaction at Indian Warehouse

  • Members get 5% discount on an entire transaction at Indian Grocers

  • Members get 5% discount on an entire transaction at Famous meat

Also, as CTA is a nonprofit organization all donations to CTA should be eligible for tax benefit.

So, don’t delay, act now as many more member discounts are on the way. Click here to take a CTA membership