Welcome to Columbus Telangana Association (కొలంబస్ తెలంగాణ అసోసియేషన్)


  • Preserve, maintain and carry forward the cultural heritage of Columbus Telangana Community.

  • Build a common platform for the CTA community

  • Assist and propagate cultural, literary, educational, social, and economic and community affairs of the people of Telangana Community.

  • Encourage and facilitate to follow the Telangana customs, traditions and values. Foster friendship and understanding among Telangana’s and promote unity among the community.

  • Organize, encourage the charity events and programs for the benefit of the people in general and community in particular.

  • Initiate, promote and maintain unity, friendly, co-operative relations with other organizations in the Columbus and USA.

  • To help the local Telangana community with immigration updates/advices.

  • Co-ordinate, Initiate and Conduct Youth Program to know about culture, Art and etc.

  • To conduct at least 2 Health Camps.